Natural Honey of Virgin Plains

Product Natural honey of virgin plains

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Honey Type

Flower Honey




450 / 950 gr

Quantity per Carton

12 / 9 pcs


No Additives

Best before Date

3 years

Storage Method

Away from Freezing

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Natural Honey of Virgin Plains

Natural honey from virgin plains of Al Wady is a rich source of high nutritional value. This product intertwines with mild and penetrating aroma, special and sweet taste and temperate nature.

Consuming natural honey from virgin plains of Al Wady is useful for weight management and causes strengthening joint and human digestive system.

This product contains unsaturated fatty acids that could enhances collagens. Collagen affects on hair growth, increasing skin quality and strengthening joints. The flavonoids and phenolic acids present in this honey contain antimicrobial, antifungal, anti inflammatory and wound healing properties that help the accelerating of wound healing process and act as antioxidants; Also they will keep away of pathogenic bacteria.