Natural Honey of Mountain

Product Natural honey of mountain

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Mountain Honey




1000 gr

Quantity per Carton

6 pcs


No Additives

Best before Date

3 Years

Storage Method

Away from Freezing

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Natural Honey of Mountain

This product due to use of flower nectar from various mountain plants, intertwines with pleasant and strong aroma, rare and agreeable taste and warm nature.

Natural honey of Al Wady mountains contains  vitamins and nutrients as D,C,B,A, K vitamins with niacin, riboflavin, calcium, copper, iron, magnesuim, potassium and zinc.

This product considers the high value energy source and acts as a antioxidant. Honey of Al Wady mountains through the strengthening immune system, increases body resistance against disease and stress. This product also results Increasing endurance of athletes and extremely affects on sexual and physical powers.