Natural Honey with Super Negin Saffron

Product Honey with super negin saffron

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Honey Type

Mountain Honey




450 / 950 gr

Quantity per Carton

12 / 9 pcs



Best Before Date

3 Years

Storage Method

Away from Freezing

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Natural Honey with Super Negin Saffron

This attractive product of Al Wady is compounds of two unique energy bombs, saffron and honey. This product due to use of saffron takes extremely enjoyable taste and strong aroma that results warm and hot nature.

Research and clinical trial shows saffron capable of increasing consciousness and mental ability and also protection of brain. Existences of crocetin, crocin and safranal in saffron protect brain against free radical that one of the most thread for human health. Also nutrient and compounds of the Al Wady honey improve functions significantly and prevent neurological disorders like Parkinson.