Frequently asked questions

How we could recognize original nature honey?

If you ask people how could recognize nature honey, they introduce different ways including recognizing by match, tissue, etc. But reality is that none of this ways are true and they have not scientific bases. The best and most definite way for recognizing of honey purity is special laboratory of honey. It is just need to take honey with yourself to laboratory and request the analysis of that. After that you understand exactly all the important factors of honey quality including sucrose, proline, humidity, glucose and fructose.


How do you warrant the quality of honey?

With the all products of Al Wady brand, have presented a warranty book which considers as a guarantee of product quality. If the test result is in opposite of this warranty, all the rights for consumers are safe.


How is the way of purchasing and sending?

Dear customers through the sales part that have placed on site; could order and check the sale conditions.


How are honeys named?

Al Wady through examining the region that bees have immigrated and the main nectar that have provided honey production, names the honey. For example it is clear that honey is harvested from altitudes and lush hillsides covered by herbs of mountain, is called bride of mountains. Also honey taht is harvested from blossom of old lush trees, is called green forest honey.